Milk. Butter. Eggs. I thought as I left to walk to the grocery store.

Next door, 2 men were having an animated conversation. One of them sounded inebriated. I looked at my watch. 8:15. AM.

Immediately I crossed to the other side of the street. Why?

I thought of the Good Samaritan story of the Bible. Luke 10:25-37 These men are not in distress though. They are awake, alert, and oriented.

So what’s really the deal with me and people?

I actually like people. Sort of. I like them in this order from most liked to least liked:

    1. Under the age of 5
    2. Over the age of 80
    3. 5-13
    4. 13-18
    5. Women
    6. Men
    7. Intoxicated and disorderly

Harsh you think?

Maybe. But I’ve lived through stuff. My stuff doesn’t look like your stuff.

So when I’m walking down the street and a mom is coming my way with her little kids, I’m okay. They’re probably not out to destroy me.

When a dad comes toward me with little kids, I might think Is he really their dad? Is he abusive to his kids? Now I’m revealing my heart to you.

Men in a car stopping to ask for directions? I’ll shout them out from a distance. I’m not getting anywhere near that car. (Some creeper in a car tried to snatch me in an alley when I was 13. Before kids were taught about the danger. When I still believed people were basically good. But we’re not good are we?)

Drunk people? Crossing the street. First of all, I was a drunk. Secondly, I was abused by a drunk man. I’m not trying to meet or help anyone when he’s drunk, unless he’s unconscious in a ditch. That’s a different story.

What can I say? I have issues. Doesn’t everyone?

I have no idea why I felt the need to voice this today? It’s just what I’ve been thinking about.

I’m trusting God to keep renewing my heart and mind. I think He’s doing a fabulous job! After all, 9 years ago, I was pretty much finished with the human race. Now I like people. Sort of.

His… Michelle



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  1. Yup, I get it. I have a sort of a love/hate relationship with people. One of my biggest beefs is how they often get in the way of us seeing Jesus clearly. Of course, I am one of the *offenders* at times, too. May the Lord increase my heart’s tolerance of people, whether they be lovely or not, and may He help me to reflect Him ever more clearly.


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