asking the wrong question of God?


In the ongoing saga of micey vs the IRS, I’m waiting hopefully for the school I didn’t work for in 2012 to send me a corrected form or statement declaring their mistaken reportage of income.

In my distress and fear I’ve been asking God why he would allow such a blatant mistake to occur? But I think I may have been asking the wrong question?

Today I’ve been wondering, should the question actually be What are you trying to teach me through this IRS debacle Lord?

I do feel like there’s more wisdom to be gained through the what than the why.

The why leads to more fear, anxiety, and woe is me self pity.

The what leads to change, conflict resolution, and realizing the worst case scenario is still better than an eternity separated from God.

Questions. It’s what I’m thinking about.

His… Michelle

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6 thoughts on “asking the wrong question of God?

  1. That sort of experience would make me catch my breath,just to put things into perspective. I’ve thought, if I were ever audited, it would surely make me be even better of a record keeper. For years as I’ve manage my own business (and several other smaller spin off businesses like the orchard, the B and B, and now the harvest table business) I try to save all the important papers I would need in the event I was audited. Someone called it a “paper trail” several years ago. I’ll be praying for peace and grace for you. DM

    • The lousy thing is there is no paper trail. They reported income I never earned because I didn’t work for them at all that year! I keep praying they made an accounting error. If i don’t hear from them, I’m going to file fraud charges. All my brothers and sisters in the Lord keep encouraging me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for your prayers! God is faithful.

  2. Yeah, *why* questions can really mess me up. I find that focusing on *WHO* is in charge is much better. (Hint: It’s NOT the IRS – LOL!)


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