Do you know what’s wrong with the world today?

I am. No really. I am.

The loss of the senior pastor at my church has caused me, at the prompting of the Holy Spirit, to examine my heart. And woe is me for I am found horribly wanting.

I spend so much time looking at how other people mess up and I am like the Pharisee in the temple who thanks God he isn’t like a tax collector or an adulterer or a sinner.

Meanwhile, the behaviors that instantly left me the day after I surrendered my life all those years ago have been slowly but surely resurfacing, causing me to be double minded. Today it hit me hard. I have been making God look bad. My light has been hidden under a basket. The truly scary part is it is completely unintentional. I want to be holy. I want people to see Jesus in me.

Sin is just like those crazy tumors we removed on the ship in Africa, those ameloblastomas. If even one little cell is missed in the removal, the tumor grows right back. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process. Or sin is like the weeds that grow in a garden. You pluck that sucker up, but some are so pervasive if you don’t get the last millimeter of the root, it grows back and spreads. Sin is like cancer and we all have it.

Thank God He is faithful to point out to me my sin. Thank God I still hear His voice. Thank God He still loves me unconditionally. Thank God He never changes. Thank God His mercies are new every morning. Thank God! Praise God! He alone is worthy. He alone deserves glory, honor, and praise. Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God almighty!

His… Michelle

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8 thoughts on “Do you know what’s wrong with the world today?

  1. Awesome truth. Those pesky sins that seem to crop up over and over again – I call them zombie sins, because they refuse to die!!

    Thankfully, the Lord fights for us – or we wouldn’t have a chance! Keep up the faith, and the good fight!


    Happy Easter!

  2. Inspiring post! We recently lost our senior pastor and the transition makes you stop and think about your place in God’s world, doesn’t it? Thanks for reminding me about those annoying little sins that just won’t go away. So glad he loves us unconditionally!

  3. Michelle, I just heard someone talk about this same topic — “what is wrong with the world?” — they told a story about how a newspaper posed the question in an editorial years ago, and the great author and Christian thinker Chesterton replied back with two words: “I am.”

    It so reminded me that I need to look in the mirror every day and get my junk together instead of hammering like I am fit to judge.

    Grace. Lord, help me to be more full of grace. (I am so not there yet…)

  4. In St Teresa of Avila’s book “Interior Castles” – she writes how as we enter His home, moving ever so much closer to the center, we often wander back to the outer rooms which contain more sin – and I do believe the growing closer to God, because we are imperfect, we have to often recalibrate – because we stray/wander to the outer places from where we’ve come – and then we go further in, closer to Him. I believe He knows this – isn’t surprised about it – it’s all a part of growing closer, with awareness, to Him. Don’t you feel ready to dive in to Him – to maybe even push closer than ever before? It’s because you recognize more where you’ve come from, where you’ve been – and see how much further you can go! Don’t beat yourself up! I’m cheering you on as you throw yourself in to an even closer relationship!

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