betrayal of greatest magnitude

This is such a chilling verse. Woes are so bad. Did you know that Judas never once calls Jesus Lord? He only calls him teacher or rabbi. I can’t remember where I read this? I think it was in the notes of my ESV Study Bible.

The thing about Judas’ betrayal is it is such a deep, dark, nefarious deed to give over the person you’ve been following voluntarily for 3 years. How much bitterness and hatred lived in his heart? I wonder? And I’m also always struck to the heart when he tries to take it back and he cannot undo what’s been done.

When I was a child of 16, my dad had a massive heart attack. A couple months later, he kind of went crazy, had a huge freak out at my mom, started throwing things, breaking things. I screamed at him to get the f#%* out of our house and I hate you and other childish things. He kicked me in the stomach and ran out the front door.

I never told him I was sorry. A couple of months later he was dead. I said what I said. I betrayed him in childish anger. I couldn’t take it back. The heartache of that alone nearly killed me.

I turned my back on God completely, blamed him. It took 26 years for me to come to my senses. All because of the wonderful, patient, merciful, loving kindness of my Savior. I thank God I didn’t drop dead the way Judas dropped dead!

His… Michelle