fight or flight

I’m a runner. But not the physical fitness kind. It’s the fight or flight kind of running I’m known for.

Its been my natural propensity to run. From life, problems, confrontation, conflict, people, intimacy, relationship, God.

When my dad died, I ran from God. When my debt got out of control, I hid from creditors. When hiding from them didn’t work anymore, I filed for bankruptcy and ran to Florida.

There’s a funny little mechanism we’re all born with that’s activated in a crisis. Scientists call it the fight or flight mechanism.

It takes a lot for me to stand and fight. It takes unimaginable strength to stand and fight. Before Jesus, it was me against the world. Without God on my side, I had a very hard time standing to fight.

It took every ounce of my strength to fight for my big kid when he fell into this giant black hole of trouble and despair. The money problems just didn’t seem worth fighting over, so I ran from them.

Now I’m facing a bit of a battle again. With the IRS of all things. They want me to pay taxes on money I didn’t earn. And they want me to do all the work to fix the problem. They obviously think I have all the time in the world  Ha!

I’m faced with a fight or flight situation. I confess I have had moments of tremendous fear over this. But then God taps me on the shoulder. He reminds me I’m in the right, to trust Him, to stand.

Would you be so kind as to pray for me to have courage? Thanks!

His… Michelle


10 thoughts on “fight or flight

  1. I so understand. It seems like most of my life I’ve been running from anxiety. Trying to find places to hide from my fears. Tortured by a propensity to worry, I feel exhausted from constantly being *in flight*. So, yes, I will pray now – for both of us.

    Dear Lord, only You understand how sometimes our hearts can be tortured with fears and worries and concerns. We feel so overwhelmed at times by the things that life throws at us. Our fears keep us running. Lord, we can never hope to take a stand if we can’t stop and fight. But Lord, we cannot fight on our own. Please bless our desire to have courage, and may You grant us the courage that only You can give us. Help us to stand firm in Your strength, and to have the peace that passes understanding.

    We ask these things in the name of our precious Savior, Jesus. AMEN.

    GOD BLESS us both, Micey!!

  2. Fight or flight? I have a feeling God wants us to sometimes do one or the other but HIS way. That’s the hard part. I will be praying Micey.

  3. Praying for you! I can be a runner also. I wasn’t always that way, but I felt like life beat me up so much over the past several years that I got too worn out to fight. I’m learning now how to fight (or trust, or just take one baby step at a time, or whatever else He’d have me do) now instead.

    • To worn out to fight, that was totally me. I just threw in the towel. I’m hoping to fare better this time around. Thanks for stopping by!

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