when joy is shattered

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This week the word is joy.


I find it funny this week the word is joy. Why? It’s so opposite of how I feel today. Life is hard. When I see the sorrow of others, I am more acutely aware of the sin in me that is so deeply rooted, I wonder if it will ever be pulled up? Sure, I get up, go out the door, do the things I know to do. The strength of God keeps me going. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

But when I hear of the sorrows of other friends, I wonder, how long Lord? How long for the suffering and sorrow?

Please pray for Ali. If you click her name, you will see.

How do we keep doing this thing call life? The strength of God. The joy of the Lord is my strength.


His… Michelle


6 thoughts on “when joy is shattered

  1. It’s beena battle for joy in my little world – some days I just get really down. Like you I do the things I know to do – and find God to pull me out. I was surprised about how much I’ve written about Joy this past month – but it was because I was cheering myself out of a place of desolation I wander into now and then.

    Let me try and cheer you up with my very favorite joke I made up (A play on the word bear because one son’s name is Barrett). It was after a soccer practice when he was in middle school; it had been raining. He was wet, his shirt off. When he got in the car, I asked, “What’s the saddest sighte in the world?”

    He shot right back, ‘Your cooking?”

    “No, a hairless bear shivering cold.”

    Now – you have to visualize that. I laughed for days – well – years now! LOL – there is actually a photo of a hairless bear on the internet!

    Wishing you some joy, Micey – and laughter this weekend!

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