five minute friday_crowd

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The word this week is crowd.


I have a love/hate relationship with crowds.

I love that I can disappear into a crowd, be anonymous, solitary.

I hate that I cannot see over the crowd (I’m the size of an average 11 year old girl), be moved by it, squished.

I’m glad the Lord was able to see me in the crowd of humanity, like Zaccheus up in the tree, He called my name, I heard His voice. Me, miraculously plucked from the crowd.

Before Jesus, I truly hated the crowd. Now? The love/hate relationship is inching toward an uncomfortable comfort. This is progress. God is good.


His… Michelle



10 thoughts on “five minute friday_crowd

  1. Hi FMF neighbor! I can attest to the miracle of God plucking someone from the crowd and for me the even greater miracle that you mention…. “I heard His voice”. Your post is a sweet reminder of the glory of that beginning so many years ago. I enjoyed your profound simplicity. Blessings to you.

  2. Great write up. I live in such a rural area that the only crowds I have to content with is too many people standing in front of the milk case at Wegmans. I hate that, especially the people who open the case and stand there. Does that count?

  3. what you said about Jesus seeing us in the crowd really hits home for me. I used to love crowds, which is probably why I moved to the city. And now I daydream about places without crowds!

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