five minute friday: small

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The word this week is small.


For the last three months my heart has felt cold, dead, frozen, shrunken, small.

But something is changing. Spring is coming. The ice around my heart is melting. Drop by drop.

Yesterday I was working with a doctor whose conversation seems to always deteriorate into the sexual exploits of his friends and colleagues.

As he was proudly telling tales of “fishing trips” to Costa Rica that involve beautiful girls from all over the world, a gleam of envy in his eyes that his buddies get to have such exploits, I interrupted loudly. You do realize those girls from all over the world were probably sold there as sex slaves? It’s called human trafficking. He just responded with No! I don’t think so. and changed the subject. The world continues to shut its eyes.

I am the foolish shaming the “wise”. My protest is a small small drop in an unending ocean of depravity. But it is what I can do here and now. If there were millions of small drops like mine, the world could be a better, more just place to live.

So the ice around my heart continues to melt. One drop at a time. Reviving.


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20



16 thoughts on “five minute friday: small

  1. Wow… I get this… I can see a similar (slightly) theme in the direction we both went with the prompt. It is crazy though, you hear about the sex trade industry but it’s another thing to stop and think that the very people who make it a growing business are if not real, live people we actually interact with regularly- they are connected to them somehow. It’s sickening…

    • It is sad. People in the USA don’t get it. They think girls in the sex industry choose to participate. I believe the number of girls who have a choice is extremely small.

  2. You planted a seed with your truth – now it’s time to pray it through. People need truth sayers like you – to just one drop at at time grow revelation – you know “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase” (1 Cor 3:6-9) – believe! believe! – you were called to say those words at that time – but seed growing is like a journey and takes time! I admire your practical boldness – I am not direct like that – I always take a circuitous route which has its own annoying charm – but I admire those who are direct. I want to know how to pronounce your name “Micey” so when I read it I think it right!!!!

  3. Good for you Michelle that you would use your words that seem foolish to the world to bring truth to that doctors hears. He may not have reacted as if it bother him but I think he will hear your words for a while. God is the master at taking small words and making them ring loud to all who hear. Bless you.

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