tale of the pinch flat

I was riding along minding my own business when suddenly, the tires of my bicycle were caught between a little gap of grass and sidewalk. I bounced roughly up onto the sidewalk and immediately realized I had not just one flat tire, but two flat tires! What!?

I got off my bike, pulled out my phone, and searched google maps for the closest bike shop. Happily, the shop was only 1.1 miles from the location of my unfortunate event. I walked my bike to the bike shop all the while shaking my head and wondering, How does THIS happen!?

Twenty minutes later, I stood in front of the bike shop. I had more time to ponder my situation as I waited for fifteen minutes for said shop to open for business. I must have had a premonition this morning when I decided to pack everything up for work and bring it along. OR. The Holy Spirit whispered it to me and I did not realize it.

The bike shop opened. I was greeted by Gary. I was so grateful he was able to fix my tires immediately. When I told him my tale, he told me What you have is a pinch flat. It happens when your tires aren’t fully inflated. If the pressure is too low, the tires get pinched. Then he showed me how the tube had holes perfectly parallel on either side! Who knew? I’m an amateur cyclist. Seventy six dollars later, I had two new tires AND a pump to keep these bad boys inflated.

As I rode away, I thought Isn’t my spiritual life the same? If I don’t stay inflated, filled by the Holy Spirit, I find myself suddenly empty, deflated, having a pinch flat of my soul. So, like a pump is important to keep those tires full, so is spending time with the Lord, in his word to keeping my spirit filled. I don’t want to find my heart having a pinch flat any time soon.

Pinch flats. Something to think about.

His… Michelle

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6 thoughts on “tale of the pinch flat

  1. I used to ride my bicycle to work – to everywhere. It would probably do me in now:) My dream trip is to bicycle through the Loire Valley in France. I love the vehicle you use (pun intended) to encourage me to keep filled up!

  2. Michelle, Bruce is always examining the tires on my car to see if they are low. I am clueless about tread or anything “tire-related.” Your post tonight got me to thinking — It’s good to have a friend who is in “the know” and is willing to speak a word in due season about my walk.

    Thanks for linking up at Thought-Provoking Thursday! 🙂

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