becoming a yes (wo)man

I’ve been at the job now for just over a month. I started a new shift this week. It’s good. I go in at 1045am and stay until 715pm. I like it because I can still get up with the sun instead of an alarm and it’s the busiest part of the day so I’m in a room doing cases.

The last 2 nights, I got called by the evening charge nurse to see if I could take call. The night nurse was out. I said yes. Why? Call pay isn’t great. I don’t like working the night shift, it’s just not natural. I did it for the Lord. I did it because my neighbor came knocking with a need and I didn’t want to blow her off.

The difference between before Christ and after Christ? Before Christ, I might have said yes, but I would have been really angry and put out, or would have said no and made an excuse. After Christ, I said yes because Jesus said yes, I wasn’t angry or put out. That’s the power of Christ in me.

I hope you know the same power and love and sacrifice of the God who saves.

It’s what I’m thinking about.

His… Michelle

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4 thoughts on “becoming a yes (wo)man

  1. It is so true! With Christ I am able to confront challenges at work with a smile on my face, a genuine smile. When my boss told me I wasn’t getting a raise this year, I received it with a smile on my face and thanked him for the job. And I really felt that way. Thanks for this post!

  2. Love this, Micey! Earlier today, I was reading about how Jesus was reviled and insulted, but He didn’t open up His mouth to defend Himself. Sacrifice like that is not possible apart from Him — at least not for me.

    Thanks for linking up to Thought-Provoking Thursday last week! 🙂

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