missing my Mercy Ships family today

Last night I got a friend request from Paul on Facebook. Soon after, I received a message asking after my health and whereabouts.

Today I bumped into my neighbor. He had a laundry basket in his arms. My building has one washer and one dryer. It costs $1.25 for each. I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be great if I could get everyone in the building to sign up for a regular laundry slot? Then we would all know and not have to figure out who’s doing laundry when. Alas, I live in a building with 12 apartments. It is not a community.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to have my space. But boy, I sure miss the organization of that laundry room. Weird. Right?

Then after church tonight, I had dinner with some ladies who wanted to know about the ship, not in the superficial chit chat way, but in the real deep way.

I also got an email from a friend who missed my newsletter about coming home. She thought I was still there.

Finally, one of the family’s I did my training with announced the birth of there son. He’s beautiful. I may never meet him.

All of a sudden I’m full of grief. I miss them all so much, this group of people who loved me despite my hard, crunchy coating.

When I said goodbye to them, my date night friend Matthew cried. His mom told me it was a good thing because it meant he really loved me.

To all my beautiful Mercy Ships family, tonight I’m crying. It is a good thing. It means I love you and miss you!

His… Michelle



8 thoughts on “missing my Mercy Ships family today

  1. That’s beautiful, Michelle. I love what the memories of your Mercy Ships family stirs in your heart. I hope and pray I get to have a life-changing mission/experience like that someday.

  2. Hugging you Michelle. I love the writing talent you have…you make me feel like I am right in the middle of your experiences. What beautiful memories and friendships you made while you were there, but I have to admit, (and I’m being selfish here), I’m happy you are home for awhile…and I say “awhile” cause I truly believe that after a season of rest, you will be off on another missions adventure… Lets do ice cream soon!! ❤

  3. You know – you are blessed to have a hard crunchy coating. There is strength in that that means you can take a direct hit with MUCH more grace than I can – meaning you can probably handle direct confrontation much better – maybe that’s a little off the path here – but I’m going to have to toughen up my coating this year – God’s been trying to talk me into it:)

    Why is it even when we’re where God wants us to be – we miss the places we’ve been – the good ones. Sometimes I think, when I feel like that, God is preparing me for a little or big seismic shift either in my perception or my action:) Wishing you comfort and community this week that lifts you up, friend!

    • I know what you mean. I focus too much on what has been or rushing on to what will be instead of enjoying this moment right now. (I’m in the laundromat right now. Haha.) Thank you for your encouragement. ☺️

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