little bitty things

The thing about following the upside down life of Jesus is it’s not what I expected. I suppose that’s what makes it upside down. And it’s so hard to grasp.

We live in a world where it’s better to be rich, famous, known, exalted, praised, achieved. But Jesus says it’s better to be weak, humble, poor, merciful, peacemaking, persecuted.

In pursuing the vision of being a missionary for God, a good thing to pursue, I got caught up in the hoopla of the praise of others as they thought what I was doing was amazing. I got drunk on the praises of others. I was never meant to be drunk on their praises. Jesus strongly cautions us to not get caught up in the praises of others, but to do our good deeds in secret because then our reward is in heaven. It’s the better reward.

The weather has been quite dreary here for two weeks. So I’ve been riding my bike in a small circuit around my neighborhood in case the skies open up.

Today, I was making the circuit as usual. As I was making the last lap, I turned a corner near the river. In front of me on my right, an elderly man was standing in a driveway. I looked at him directly. He looked at me and raised his finger in a wait a minute gesture. I hit the brakes and stopped. He looked about 100 years old, distinguished, dressed in a tan button down shirt, brown trousers, brown shoes. Excuse me. Can you please tell me is today Wednesday or Thursday? It’s Thursday, I said. Thank you. I couldn’t get anyone to tell me. I smiled. You’re welcome! He turned around to walk back into his house as I rode away.

I thought, aren’t these little bitty things as important to God as all the big things I strive to do?

And I felt peace.

His… Michelle

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16 thoughts on “little bitty things

  1. Ah, Michelle,
    I bet you made that old man smile…I hope I don’t misquote Mother Teresa but I remember her saying something like, We can do no great things, only small things with great love….you are so wise to recognize the lure of the praise of others…blessings to you…glad I linked up behind you at Lyli’s link up 🙂

  2. I agree little bitty things mean a lot – recently when I would be going in or out of a store, someone would hold the door for (seems like that is a forgotten courtesy nowadays). I would be so happy about that little bitty thing, I would smile real big and thank them happily – then they would smile real big right back. So the little bitty things are spreading joy to others ….

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