weekly photo challenge: joy

There are many things in life that fill me with joy, but I’d have to say the best of the things are not things but people, my 2 most favorite people in the whole world, the amazing boys the Lord has given me. And though they aren’t boys anymore, they are my boys nevertheless. They make me laugh and cry. They make me sing and dance. They make fun of me like no one else I know. They make me proud. They are my joy. For more photos expressing joy be sure to go over to The Daily Post.

His… Michelle





11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: joy

  1. Dear Micey
    You look so good with the brown hair! Nearly as young as your handsome son. Yes, myfriend, they always will be our babies.
    Blessings and a Jesus filled 2014 xx

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  7. I’ve got two sons, too. And no, they aren’t boys anymore (but they’ll always be my babies, you know?!) Your two sons are adorable, and I can just see how much love there is between all of you. Something to celebrate with JOY, for sure!


    (My boys tease me, too. Don’t you just love it?!)

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