phoneography challenge: black & white

I love living by the sea. I love the seagulls. Here in Florida, we also have ibis. They’re so cute. I love birds in general. The cool thing about the sea birds is I think they look neat in black and white. For more black and white photos be sure to visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

His… Michelle



All photos taken with iPhone 5c. Feature photo at top has the ibis. All the others are seagulls by the seashore.


7 thoughts on “phoneography challenge: black & white

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  4. I love these bxw pics. Hard to believe they come from a phone! Then again, some of the phone cameras are better than my “real” one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the beauty from Florida. Wish I were there!

    • I know Lisa. This iPhone 5c takes amazing photos. I bought a canon last year when I went to Africa but I barely used it. It was too big and obvious to take out into the streets. Too much theft. So I gave it to my older son for Christmas. The phone makes photos easy.

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