weekly photo challenge: community

Two weeks ago, I moved into a new home in a really awesome new community. I’m living in the small town of Lauderdale by the Sea Florida. Why the italics? Because while my town is a small town, it’s in the heart of Broward county which is home of Ft Lauderdale and a myriad of other places. It’s a small town absorbed into a population of more than 1.8 million people. But it’s way cool. I am so blessed to be living here.

Every winter, Ft Lauderdale hosts Winterfest. It’s a boat parade. Since I live between the ocean and the intercoastal I decided to invite a couple friends and check it out. Here are photos of my new community. Be sure to go over to the Daily Post to see more interpretations of this week’s challenge.

His… Michelle

Gathering on the river by the drawbridge

Great turnout. We had one fella leading us in Christmas carols while we waited.

My personal favorite boat

Reaching the end

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  1. It was a great time!! Your personal favorite seemed to be all our personal fave!! Hope it won! Merry Christmas Michelle…

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