the lights went out

Today was my first day back at work after 6 weeks of down time. I got my job back at the hospital I worked at this past winter. I’m super excited because I don’t have to work day shift after this week. The trouble with day shift is it starts way too early. I like to wake up with the sun and slip into my day quietly. I know. It’s probably more normal to work day shift, but what can I say? I’m not exactly what you would call normal. I’m me.

After work I rode my bicycle down to Best Buy to return the cable modem I bought because it was totally wrong. It didn’t have a wifi router. D’oh! I’m happy to report I didn’t get hit by a car once. Haha!

After Best Buy, I rode to Starbucks for a skinny peppermint mocha frappacino. Oh yes. They come in a sugar free, fat free version! Now that’s my kind of coffee! Frozen Christmassy goodness!

After I was home for about 2 minutes, I realized something was amiss. Who turned the electric off? I signed up for electric via the internet over the weekend. Or so I thought? I grabbed the phone and ran out the door to call the power company. Oh great! I locked myself out too!!! I stood in front of the building and made my call whilst hoping and praying one of the neighbors would come home so I could get back inside. In the ten minutes it took to get an actual person on the phone, the Russian couple who live across the hall came home. I came inside behind them and reentered my dark apartment.

When I got Jim on the phone to set up my account, he told me they never got my order via the internet. So he went through all the customary new account questions. Name? Michelle Anderson. Middle initial? S as in Suzanne. Could it be a different middle initial? Excuse me? Well, the social security administration says you have a different middle initial. Excuse me!? I’m going to have to delay turning your power on until you can tell me your correct middle initial. What!? I’ve had the same middle initial all my life!!! I’m me!!! You can’t leave me here in the dark!!! Please!!! (I confess my voice got very shrill the longer this conversation went on.) Um. No ma’am. I won’t make you wait, but you should really call and find out why they have the wrong middle initial. Oh. Okay. That’s so weird. Okay. Please turn all the breakers off so we can turn the power on. You should have power within a few minutes to four hours. Okay. That’s not too bad. Wait! Is the middle initial you have A? Yes! That’s it! Unbelievable. I was married like a hundred years ago and changed my name to Michelle Anderson Schiffner. A became my middle initial. I can’t believe they didn’t change it back!

In the end, I had power in like 5 minutes. Can you say weird day? It’s good to have electric and I praise God and thank Him for intervening in my hysteria. 😳

His… Michelle


6 thoughts on “the lights went out

  1. Dear Micey
    Oh, what can we say but such is life in the world of us “normals”. I sort of see you a a girl who would rather work night shifts. There is so much more “hours” to live when the sun is shining.
    Blessings XX

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