misadventures in bicycling

When I came from Africa unexpectedly, I was naturally unprepared for life in the USA. No job, no home, no vehicle, no stuff. I told myself, don’t worry, God has a plan.

It didn’t take me long to get my old job back. I have a friend who’s a realtor. She helped me find my awesome beach place. I have a great family in Pennsylvania I got to visit for 4 weeks before moving on to Gainesville, Florida for a week with Galen. I rented a car and drove down in a day.

Now I’m home. I have a job. I have a place to live. I don’t have a vehicle. But it’s okay because I acquired a blue beach cruiser from Galen. I bought it for him 2 years ago, the first time I lived at the beach. He wanted it for his birthday. When he moved to Gainesville, he took it with him thinking he’d use it for transportation. Unfortunately, Gainesville is pretty hilly. Suddenly, he didn’t want to use the bike. So it sat under the stairs unused for all this time.

I bought Galen a new bike for Christmas, a fixed gear. It suits his needs much better than the beach cruiser. So he had a fantastic idea. Why don’t I take the bike so I can have transportation? I was thrilled. I set to work immediately, washing all the grime off, putting air in the flat tires, getting on and riding around his parking lot. Yes! This is going to be great!

The next day, the back tire was flat again. That didn’t deter me. I went to Sports Authority and found this green slime to fix holes in the inner tube. It worked like a charm. Next I had to find a bike rack. Thanks to Amazon I had that within 2 days.

Then the misadventures began. I rode the bike around Gainesville. As I tried to climb a fairly steep hill, my right foot slipped off the pedal. I nearly broke my right big toe and bruised my tush as I fell on the bar (it’s a boy bike). But I got back on the bike. Galen laughed hysterically as I replayed the events of the day. Haha!

The drive from Gainesville to Ft Lauderdale is 5 hours long. About 3 hours into the drive, the bike started to fly off the car! Thankfully, I was able to pull over and secure it more firmly to the car.

After moving into my new place, I rode over to Publix to get some food. When I stopped, I was leaning too far to the right. Yes, I fell over like a tree, timber playing in my head, bruising my tush (and ego) again. There were lots of people to witness my graceful dismount.

Later on the same day, I nearly ran over a little girl on the draw bridge! It was about now I started thinking I’m gonna kill myself on this thing.

Finally yesterday, I was riding to Target. I came upon a Christmas tree stand. I could see a car waiting to turn into traffic. He never looked toward me. I foolishly thought I had time to get around him. Yes, as I rode in front of his vehicle, he pulled out, his head turning toward me as his car hit the front tire of my bike. He slammed on his brakes. The bike and I went toppling to the right. Again. By the grace of God I got up with just a scraped left knee. All the Christmas tree people came running when they heard me scream. The driver kept apologizing for not looking saying, I should know better. I ride a bicycle too. I apologized too. I should know better than to cross in front of a car. In the competition between car and bike, car usually wins.

As I rode away, many thoughts went through my head. I thanked God for protecting me, his careless daughter. I added getting hit by a car on a bicycle to the checklist of unfortunate events and checked it off. Then I thought, God, I hope you didn’t bring me home from Africa to kill me now.

What can I say? If I were a cat, I definitely lost one of my 9 lives yesterday. But God is good!!! And hey! That was a series of 3 mishaps. Surely the black cloud has passed on now. 😀

His… Michelle

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  1. this one gave me a scare. glad you’re blogging again. Love your lights on the wall Christmas tree btw..think I saw that one on your last post. Also very exciting to see how your job, housing etc. all came back together so smoothly. I probably need to jot you a note. Had a question on something personal. later- DM

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