pennies from heaven

So I moved into this awesome apartment by the sea. It’s a spacious studio with a full bath, full kitchen, walk in closet, and Murphy bed. It’s like a mansion compared to the cabin I stayed in on the ship. But I have no stuff. All I have is my clothing and a few photos and chachki.

My friend Barbara told me the church thrift store has furniture and they deliver. That’s good news. But last night as I was riding my bicycle home from Target, (Did I also mention I have no car? I have a bicycle. I’m not complaining. A bicycle is fantastic transportation and good exercise to boot. Plus everything is within biking distance, including my job!) I found furniture out in the street for trash! I love dumpster diving. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.

It was crazy! there were sofas and love seats and end tables galore. Unfortunately, sofas and love seats are too heavy to balance on a bicycle so I opted to just grab the two end tables. But yay me! That’s two things for free I didn’t have before. As I brought those end tables inside I thought, it sure would be nice if someone would put a club chair or recliner out on the curb.

This morning I got up, brewed the coffee, and spent an hour decorating for Christmas. Then I wondered if the trash had been picked up yet. I went out front and looked next door. What to my wondering eyes should appear? A brown leather recliner!!! What God!? Are you kidding me!? I spent the next hour dragging my new recliner home and into the living room. I washed it down with all purpose cleaner and positioned it in the corner of my room between the two end tables. It’s practically perfect!

Then I thought, it would be great to find a garden table and two chairs. I rode down to the dollar store to pick up more decorations. On my way I found an old rattan chair, you guessed it, but the side of the road! It’s in perfect shape except for the seat. But I’m crafty and have a plan for fixing it. Can you laugh out loud with me and praise God!?

Today has been such a blessing! It rained pennies from heaven!!!

Happy Friday!

His… Michelle


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  1. Oh my goodness, YES!!! I know what you mean. He really does provide all of that. I lost nearly everything I owned several years ago when I moved into an apartment infested with bed bugs (that was during the bed beg infestation in NYC). When I moved out, I had only my clothes, a few books that I was able to salvage, and some dishes. God provided it all. He found me a beautiful apartment in an old victorian home and furnished the entire thing! What a wonderful God. He’s so good! Congrats on all the beautiful finds He laid out for you. I love your tree!

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