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I have finally officially arrived at my final destination. I say final loosely because I have my plans and God has His. So where is your final destination Michelle? I ended up moving into a spacious 432 square foot studio apartment, complete with Murphy bed, full kitchen, full bath, and walk in closet. I’m in a little town called Lauderdale by the Sea. Yes. It’s as nice as it sounds. I’m 2 blocks from the beach and 1.5 miles from the job I should be starting next week.

The hardest thing about this week is being completely alone again after spending 5 weeks with my people. I was crying yesterday because I have to buy stuff again. I wasn’t supposed to have to buy stuff again for a long time. I just don’t know what God is doing. I’m afraid he’ll never want me to serve him again. What am I supposed to do for the rest of my life? I just have to keep believing he’s got a plan.

I’ve never ever been good at waiting.

His… Michelle

The very bright light on the right is the lighthouse up the beach

Christmas lights in the neighborhood

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  1. Dear Michelle
    I think you would find the book of A.W. Tozer, In Pursuit Of God, very helpful for He answers your question very beautifully. Paul told us that whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, do it for the glory of God. Brother Lawrence wrote in his little book, The Practice Of The Presence Of God that He washed the monastery’s dishes to honor God. In the book of Acts in I think chapter 10 somewhere, Paul also tells us that God IS NOT SERVED BY HUMAN HANDS. My dear friend, just abide in Jesus, allowing Him to live in and through you. Allow Him to wash your feet, my dear friend. Then, and only then, He does everything for His own glory in and through you. He tells us that He doesNOT share His glory with anyone.
    Blessings XX

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