five minute friday: tree

Every Friday, a group of like minded individuals gathers over @thegypsymama’s to write unscripted, unedited masterpieces for the sheer joy of writing. The only hard, fast rule is to leave comment love on the blog prior to your own.

This week the word is tree.


It all started with the memory of a tree in Africa, my missionary dream. The memory of that one acacia tree led to multiple adventures in the USA, Haiti, Uganda, Guinea, and Congo. It opened the door to the possibility of reaching out to people who need help. The dream of the tree has come full circle as I’ve come home and learned to reach out to people wherever I am. One little memory of a tree. How cool is that?


His… Michelle

Here’s how I’m earning my keep while visiting my brother and his family:






6 thoughts on “five minute friday: tree

  1. Dear Micey
    You look very professional in your gardening outfit. You should consider starting your own garden services business! Beautiful photos, my friend.

  2. That is very cool indeed! A tree that has come full circle… great story, great memory! Enjoy your time with your brother and his family. It looks so lovely there!

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