Survival French: Taxi Edition

The mission: visit four specified places in Pointe Noire via taxi using only French to travel around.

The evidence: take a photo at each specified place.

We headed out to the train station where we were supposed to meet up with hired taxis. But this is Africa, so of course the taxis didn’t show up. Next, the French instructor started hailing random taxis. The original hired taxis missed out on some good money. Their loss.

I confess, I was less than enthusiastic to be getting into a cab after dark with a complete stranger. But I traveled with a group of three other ladies and soon discovered Berton, le taxi conductor, was very friendly, kind, and helpful, despite not speaking a word of English. It just made the adventure more fun.

We got to all of our destinations in no time at all and ended up having a really good time. We even learned Berton is married and has a son and daughter. Really good fun on a Tuesday night.

With Sarah Kate (OR admin assistant)

First stop. Station de Puma Gas

Second stop. Hotel Twiga

With the giraffe at Hotel Twiga

Third stop. Supermarché Casino

Last stop. Station de gare avec Berton le taxi conductor

How is your Tuesday going?

His… Michelle
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