Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Nothing says infinite more than the old mirror in the mirror illusion.

When I was a child, I would go “up town” to Hess’s Department Store. It was one of those old fashioned stores with a different department on every floor. This store had a basement restaurant that was elegant and rivaled other department stores like Macy’s in NYC. The store was 5 stories plus basement. It had escalators, elevators, staircases, and revolving doors. It was one of my favorite places to go. It was like a carnival funhouse for grownups.

The best spot in the store was the staircase. There were mirrors on all the walls so when you traveled the staircase, you could see yourself forever. It’s a great optical illusion that I’ll never be able to completely understand but will forever appreciate.

For this week’s photo challenge, I tried to recreate the mirror illusion here on the ship with tiny mirrors. It doesn’t come close to those awesome staircase mirrors of childhood memory, but it was a fun photo challenge anyway.

Besides. What else can a girl do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Congo? 😀




His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  2. Wow! That`s so clever how with different angles you get different images and then when it`s all perfectly lined up you gat the same (infinite) picture. I love your description of Hess`s. I have childhood memories of trying to see the back of my head and then hating what I saw!! I bet you`re having better weather than us. Guernsey has had the most awesome summer and I have swum loads in the sea this year, but the weather has turned and the rain is beating against the windows right now. I have been doing lots of speaking engagements and am due to do another on Thursday, can I tell them about your blog? Thanks for all your writings and keep up the amazing work that you are doing for the Lord. He is pouring his blessings on you, Michelle, With lots of love from Jan Roberts (PACU nurse for too short a time in Guinea) x

    • Hey Jan! The weather here is actually always cloudy. It looks like rain but doesn’t rain. It is warm though. You’re welcome to share my blog with anyone you like. Thanks for reading along and thanks for your support and prayers! ❤

  3. Bet you didn’t know I worked there when I was 19 yrs. old. Lasted for 1 whole week. I was not enough of an agressive salesperson. . When 21 yrs. old I went to work as a secretary for a small trucking co. – D.F. Bast Trucking. The owner & my boss was Mr. Berman who bought Hess’s while I worked at the trucking co. I went to get his sick daughter from school & deliver her to his very good friend a very well known Rabbi. Also got to go get wine for guests. Talked to Rabbi’S who called from Israel for him. All very nice to a surprised little girl from Bethlehem, Pa. I also took the call to him from Loyd’s of London – he was insuring something and was approved. The woman in Englind talked to me for a long time. Very interesting that those mirrors held alot of memories for me too. They put on a big display for Christmas and the whole family would make the journey to see the Hess’s display which to me as a child was awesome. Just your thought on a Sunday in Congo about a hometown store has given me alot of memories. The mirrors were fantastic with the displays too.

    • I think you did tell me about working at Hess’s Aunt Kay. I have a vague memory. I’m glad my memory got your memory going too. It’s fun to think about things from long ago. ❤

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