Survival French

The good news is the people of Congo speak mostly French because most of them get to have an education. The not so good news is I barely speak French. I did have 2 years of French in high school Cough 30 years ago. The better news is the staff development department on the Africa Mercy is offering a class in survival French.

Last week, we learned the very basics of greeting, saying goodbye, and numbers. I hate to blow my own horn, but I have those things down.

Tonight, we began the two week module on getting a taxi. We went over all the phrases one needs to get around and go places. Then we had 4 work stations to visit.

  • Station 1 – lead a person around blindfolded by giving directions in French
  • Station 2 – learn how to negotiate a taxi price
  • Station 3 – take a pretend taxi ride around the ship to different destinations by giving the taxi driver directions in French
  • Station 4 – pronunciation of words and phrases
  • The class is a lot of fun. It’s a good refresher I need to be serious about in order to survive in a French speaking African nation. Next week, we will go out to the train station and practice our skills in a real taxi! Eep!

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    1. Dear Micey
      Parlez vous Francais, Madame? Pulling your leg! Just a little I learned at university many years ago. This is an excellent idea to teach you guys the basics. I hope you are doing better, dear one.
      Blessings XX

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