9 thoughts on “What’s In A Logo?

  1. I’m interested to know if that’s an alternate logo provided by Starbucks for such situations (I can imagine staunch Muslim areas being offended by a mermaid, for instance), or if it’s just something that was invented for the occasion. And, if the latter, what was the process like for getting Starbucks to approve it? Or, if it was not approved, are the franchisees getting their lawyers ready? These are things I think about in the world of marketing and image control. God bless!

    • Hi Nathan. I’ve been told that it is a logo that was designed for the Muslim world for the reasons you stated, the mermaid is offensive to their cultural beliefs. Since the logo was already adopted for them, we were able to acquire the same for the ship. That and the top guy at Starbucks is on the Mercy Ships board of directors. They donate all our coffee too. 😃

  2. Which begs the question. Why have an evil water god as a logo, at all? – for any society, Muslim, Christian or other.

    • A good question indeed. I found an article by the dude who designed the logo. He liked it because it is a siren and wanted to use it to lure people into the store to buy coffee. Eesh!

  3. Dear Micey
    Very interesting! I wonder what poor Posseidon thinks of this dangerous lady! Are the African people really scared of Mercy Ship’s logo, dear friend. If so, perhaps on visiting days like you have had the other Wednesday you should sort of jut cover it or something.
    Love to you

    • Mia, this isn’t Mercy Ships logo. It is Starbucks logo. Our Starbucks cafe uses the logo without the mermaid because it is a god that is worshiped in African traditional religions. No mermaids reside on our ship. 😁

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