Q & A With Micey III

This is the third edition of Q & A for this blog. I’ve really enjoyed answering the questions everyone asked. I hope you’ll ask more questions as they come to you. I really like the interaction. 🙂

This question comes from another blogging friend, Leah:

Do you know of any good books that would explain more about Mercy Ships, or the work of evangelism in Africa that would not be too above my middle school aged girls? (think Jr high days).

To read more about Mercy Ships, you should definitely read the book by the founder Don Stephens. It’s titled Ships of Mercy. It’s available for purchase at the Mercy Ships web store. It’s the story of how the organization began. It’s a really great read, very inspirational.

Another great book to read would be Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis. It’s about a girl being called to Uganda at the young age of 18.

You should also check out the Christian Heroes series. You can read many stories of missionaries from all over the world. I think these are even made specifically for school age kids.

Hope this helps you get a good idea of the writing out there Leah!

In other news, I got to assist one of the plumbers unclogging our bathroom sink in the cabin today. He’s one of the kind African crew onboard. I told him his job is very similar to a vascular surgeon’s job, just without the blood. He really laughed at the notion. Now, it’s like our sink is brand new. We are very happy about that. 😀

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