Q & A With Micey I

I’m happy so many of you commented with questions. Thank you! So, without any further ado, let’s get to it. Today, I will focus on my friend Doug, who has a whole slew of questions.

  • What’s your favorite food on the ship? Well I can’t say I have a favorite. The ship has a 12 week menu cycle so there’s a good bit of variety. Everything is served buffet style. We usually have a couple of entrees to choose from, salad bar, freshly made bread, lunch meat and cheese, fruits, veggies, and sometimes dessert. Tuesday is African night for our African crew as well as all the rest of us. It’s a tough job to cook for 400+ people, 3 meals a day. There’s always something for everyone. I guess the food I eat most is sandwiches. I like sandwiches best.
  • Do you have any time to watch TV (and if so, what do you like to watch?) The ship has a few public TVs. Since we have a satellite, there are a few channels available. They have kid channels for the families, news channels like Fox and BBC, sports for the guys. I generally don’t watch TV. One of the IS guys also set up an internal movie server called Movie Night. These movies are available only throughout the ship server. I tend to watch those because I can watch from the comfort of my own little cave. There are more than a thousand titles to choose from.
  • Can you get snail mail and if so, what is your mailing address? Yes I can receive snail mail. 🙂 The address is:
    Michelle Anderson – Surgery
    PO Box 2020
    Lindale, TX
  • What are your “normal” hours on the ship? (ie. do you usually have to be ready to start @ what time and when is your day normally over?) The official work hours for the surgical department are from 8am through 5:30pm Monday through Friday. There are 3 nurses on call everyday of the week, staff permitting. For example, if I were on call today and a room was going to run past 5:30pm, I would have to have dinner and return to the OR to finish whatever the case may be. Then I would also be on call until the next morning for emergencies.
  • Are your Saturday’s and Sunday’s free or are you on call 24/7? Weekends work in a similar way. We don’t do scheduled surgery on the weekend, but we do take call on the weekend. Usually I only have to take call on a Saturday or Sunday and it’s not usually every weekend, staff permitting. Another thing to note is when I am on call, I have to stay on the ship. I seem to do call about twice a week. I don’t think this is a terrible sacrifice to make.
  • Would you ever get another Tattoo and if so, what would it be? Haha! I’m pretty sure I would get another tattoo. I have no idea what it would be. 🙂
  • Do you like coffee (I’m thinking you do) and if so, how do you like it? I definitely like coffee! I like mochas. Coffee and chocolate just go together very nicely. Now Galen thinks I’m a sissy for drinking coffee this way, but I think he’s just being a hater, just because he drinks it black. Eesh! Do you add anything to it? See previous question 😉 Do you have a favorite brand? Starbucks.
  • Stop by again soon for another edition of Q &A with micey! And as always, thanks for your love, support, and prayers! I’m so happy to have each of you involved in my life and to be part of this great work in Congo!

    His… Michelle
    Philippians 1:20



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      • Haha. You’re welcome! I’m trying to think of things to ask. I guess I find your blog so informative, I feel like I know so much about you already. I guess I do wonder how you came about having your hand in so many different projects and coordinating all of them into an interesting career?

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