What’s A Little Back Pain To God?

Well I did it. I prayed for courage. I went to the crew doctor. He prescribed 7-10 days of ibuprofen 4x a day to get rid of the inflammation in my back. I’ve had 2 doses of 600mg and I’m feeling better already. I’m monitoring my BP closely. If it rises, I will return to the crew doctor for other alternatives.

I’m also going to start doing yoga with one of my co-workers for 20 minutes a day to try to restrengthen my back.

It’s good to feel optimistic again that this pain will get better. I’ve been dealing with it for far too long. I’m so grateful the Lord gave me the courage I needed to take care of this.

Please keep praying for this issue to improve. Being here on the ship, even with all of these challenges, is still the place I know I’m supposed to be. I want to keep running this race. I want to finish well. I don’t want something as small as a back issue to keep me from finishing what I just began.

I’m trusting God for great things and for strength and perseverance. All things are possible for God! 😀

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20



4 thoughts on “What’s A Little Back Pain To God?

  1. Dear Micey
    I am so glad to hear you back pain is improving. I don’t know if your doctor would allow you, but I found stomach excercises quite helpful to strenghten the back muscles. That was the good ol’ times, I could still do excercises. Praying for grace and Pappa’s strengths in your time of weakness!
    Blessings XX

  2. Dear Michelle, I am praying for you. I give thanks for all the work you are doing and that you found courage to address your painful back. I pray that you will have comfortable shoes to work in, a good posture in the OR and supportive work colleagues. I give thanks fortimes of rest and pray that you are able to lie comfortably at night to relieve the pains of the day and that every morning you will awake feeling refreshed. I give thanks for the crew doctor and the supply of medicines on the ship that enable you to get the best treatment even though you are in a third world country. I wish you all the best and cherish most of all the thought that you have the support of all your colleagues. this was the most memorable part of my time on Africa Mercy – the fact that the love of Christ was so evident and therefore the feeling of love and acceptance from all the crew. May God bless you and pour down His healing love on you. May you feel His comfort as a great big hug of warmth, With love in Jesus, Jan Roberts (PACU nurse from Guernsey)

    • Oh Jan! Thank you for this sweet prayer. It encourages me so much to know people are praying for me. I need prayers so much to be here and serve the Lord. It’s like having people cheering a person on through a race. Thanks again! I enjoyed seeing Suli again. I hope you’ll be able to get back some time too. ❤

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