Weekends Are Hard

Sitting on the front side of ten months, I find myself wondering, What was I thinking? I’ve been back for exactly 23 days. All I want to do today is go home.

Weekends are the hardest. I have too much time on my hands. I came to serve the Lord. I know I need to have time to recharge, but how? How am I supposed to do this without seeing my people for ten more months? I don’t know how I’m going to do this?

Every time I step out the door of my cabin, I’m reminded of where I am not. I’m trying so hard not to feel sorry for myself. I know the people here appreciate me for who I am. I am praying. I am having regular time with the Lord everyday. I’m doing everything I know to do…

There’s just this deep longing to be re-attached to the ones who’ve known me all their lives. They’re my missing pieces. I miss them so much.

I’d appreciate your prayers. I hope this will get better with time. God knows.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20




12 thoughts on “Weekends Are Hard

  1. I pray for you and every other Angel on board the Mercy Ship every single day! 🙂
    Be strong, have faith and keep your eyes on God.
    Catherine’s mom

  2. Same as from “Catherine’s mom”. May God grant you strength, patience, and renewal this weekend. When you do have reunion with them, there will be an extra special blessing for you. Plus, He is at work in their lives in marvelous ways right now. Sometimes He gently moves us out of the way so He can work. Will pray He fills your loneliness. You are doing a great work. It’s never easy. May you sense His presence today.

  3. I am reminded of Paul’s words where he said he longed to see some of the people he loved again in one of his letters.. You are so normal. thanks again for pulling back the curtain of what it’s really like! Your fellow blogger and follower of Christ,.DM

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Today’s message @ Rio Vista church was on mission is separation. If you get a chance, listen to it next Wednesday online, it takes that long before you can listen to it. I’m sure God will speak to you & hopefully help you through these next 10 months. I think the address is: riovistachurch.com or .org. Pastors name is Tom Hendriske.

    Shift your focus back on His mission for your life and watch how the time will fly or He may arrange for a quick trip back to the states somehow, you never know!

    He blessed you to be an excellent nurse for His purpose & for good reasons. Josie

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