A Long Way From Home

Remember my fun summertime job? Remember the man from Nigeria who called looking for the ship? Today I met him!

You might be thinking, shut the front door! I know, right!? Ebenezer came through the OR today. He had his ameloblastoma removed. He’s had part one of the two part reconstruction surgery. Once again, I’m blown away by how God moves a person around all by his own planning.

So Ebenezer has this tumor. He’s a really smart guy, educated in some kind of web designing. He knew he needed to do something about his tumor. He’s had it for around nine years. So he gets online and googles it. This leads to a link to Dr Gary. He gets the phone number for the ship from the website and calls. I happen to be the one who picks up the phone. (He phoned again right before I went on vacation. I spoke to him a second time!) He finds out when we’re going to arrive in the Congo. He misunderstands the hospital is actually on a ship and flies to Brazzaville. The man on the plane next to him tells him he’s heard of Mercy Ships and the hospital is on the ship in Pointe Noire.

Not there’s a problem. Ebenezer ran out of money. But the man on the plane says no worries! He buys him a ticket to Pointe Noire! And he puts him up in a hotel room in Brazzaville until the next flight out!

When he finally arrived in Pointe Noire, there were Mercy Ships folks at the airport waiting for new crew. They helped Ebenezer get set up at the Hope Center! When I heard he was there I thought, this has got to be the same guy! Sure enough!

Ebenezer was determined to have his face taken care of. He was willing to go anywhere, to do whatever it takes, to hang onto hope. The faith of this one man is inspiring to me. I’m so privileged to have a small part in his story. 😀

How amazing is God!?

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

*photos coming soon because there’s a glitch in the share drive*