How To Save A Life

Day 3 is complete. Today we excised 1 large tumor from 1 tiny boy’s mouth and removed a giant nevus from the left eye of a young man. I’m exhausted but satisfied.

I scrubbed for the little guy’s case. This oral tumor had been growing for quite some time. But 4 months ago, it began to block his airway. He was one of the first kids we saw on selection day. He jumped to the front of the line because he actually lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen to his brain. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. The surgeons took one look in his mouth, thought the tumor could be benign and said yes.

Today, we discussed how we would proceed with the surgery. We set up for an emergency tracheostomy in case anesthesia couldn’t get him intubated in a timely fashion. We had all hands on deck in case anything went awry. Praise the Lord, the anesthetist successfully intubated our boy with the help of the surgeon and not a lot of fanfare.

After this, the surgeons set about to carefully peeling this giant tumor out of his mouth. I think it took about 2 hours just to remove the tumor, maybe even 3 hours. Removing the tumor created a cleft palate. It took another 2 hours to repair the defect. All in all we worked from 9am until 1:30pm on this one little person.

We had the communications team with us for part of the surgery too. They’re going to write a piece about him specifically. Turns out his dad works on the dock. As the ship was pulling into the port, he looked up. Everyone was excited and saying it was the hospital ship come to help. He told out team I know God is on that ship and He is here to help my son. His mom bought a calendar and marked down the days until the selection day.

By the time we saw him, he had been passing out 3 times a day. When it first started, the parents took the boy to the hospital every time. But they gave up because the hospital kept telling them they couldn’t help him. It’s hard to wrap your head around such helplessness. I can’t imagine the fear this poor family was living with daily.

The good news is we successfully removed the tumor. Our tiny boy will finally be able to sleep again. The big question remains. Is this tumor benign or malignant? It looked dodgy. It could go either way at this point. Please be part of our tiny boy’s story. Please gather yourself and everyone you know to storm the gates of heaven in prayer for complete healing. Be part of history in participating please. This is love in action. God hears our prayers!

I’ll keep you posted. When I hear, you’ll hear. 😀

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


Photos courtesy Catherine Murphy and Michelle Murray


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  1. Dear Micey
    I will keep praying, dear friend! Thanks for letting us know. Please, keep us up to date with your specific needs!
    Love to you XX

  2. What an amazing account of an amazing procedure, or set of procedures?? You, the crew of Africa Mercy, are awesome!!! (I hear that makes me American to say that…lol) Whhheeee… God sure knew what he was doing when he blessed you all with your gifts!!! Thanks for using them for Him, tnere in that place. Blessings on ya’

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