The Day Before Screening: Congo

It’s the day before screening and all through the ship
The crew are gathering supplies for the trip
The boxes are stacked by the gangway with care
In hopes that 5000 Congolese will be there

The day begins early and goes very long
So the crew will bunk down to be healthy and strong
Our leaders especially will get to bed early
So next day their leadership will be joyful not surly

And I in my scrubs and durable shoes
Have set the alarm clock, I will not hit snooze
Out of my bed at 5:30 I’ll drift
To be at the car in time for my shift

We’ll hit the road smiling for the 15 minute trip
And pray the police will wave as we zip
Along the port road to our great destination
The Lycee in Pointe Noire where we’ll see all the nations

Please pray for people from near and from far
To reach us by foot, by donkey, or car
That the day would be orderly, peaceful, and still
That thousands may have their lives changed by God’s will

This is the mission of the great Mercy Ship
That lives will be changed by one hopeful trip
That our great God and Savior will be magnified
That the name of Jesus will be glorified

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

Please join us by praying for the screening day. God hears our prayers. Pray for him to bring the people from everywhere!

We’re ready to go!

4 thoughts on “The Day Before Screening: Congo

    • I am privileged Leah. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. Is this actually my life!? Thank you for keeping us all in your prayers! The day has arrived! So exciting!

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