What To Do When Fact Turns Into Partial Urban Legend?

I was so excited when I filled the bathroom sink with water. Which way will it go? I wondered, my curiosity at the height of giddy happiness.

It didn’t really go in any direction. I wonder if this is even true? I have always heard that when you switch hemispheres, the water circles the drain in a different direction. The northern hemisphere drains in a clockwise direction, or is it counterclockwise? the Southern Hemisphere is the opposite.

I decided to google it. Google knows everything. I found a website asking the question, which direction does the bathtub drain in the northern hemisphere?

So there is a thing known as the Coriolis Effect. It shows the effect of the earth’s rotation on macro events, like hurricanes. In the northern hemisphere, hurricanes rotate in a counterclockwise direction. In the southern hemisphere, they rotate in a clockwise direction. But as far as little bodies of water, there is no effect. 😦

*Sigh* Well now I know a new fun fact and a scientific fact. I also learned that the hot water on the ship is still kind of brown for some reason?

Do you know any facts about living in the southern hemisphere I should know?

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20