On The Mend

I want to thank everyone for your prayers. It means a lot to know people are thinking of me when I’m feeling bad. My back is feeling much better today after a bit of a stiff start. I managed to lay on my tennis ball for a bit before work. It did catch my bunkmate off guard. Ha!

Work wasn’t too strenuous today. We spent the entire day scraping tape off the instruments and putting new tape on them. My fingers are sore and I managed to stab my left thumb two times with a 15 blade. On the positive side, a very sharp scalpel blade doesn’t hurt as much as you would think.

Now I’m going to heat up my rice bag, take another muscle relaxer, and kick my feet up. We are exactly one week away from the big screening day. I’m really excited!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

Please feel free to comment. Have questions about what’s going on? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Strategizing the instrument tape removal

This is what it looks like

Me and Lesly working hard

6 thoughts on “On The Mend

  1. Hi Friend
    I am sooo glad to hear your back is better! But be careful now and please, don’t over exert yourself until it has healed completely!!!
    Much love and sweet blessings

  2. been praying for you as I struggle the past few days with back spasms of my own – hate pain, the distraction…
    rapid healing to us both!

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