Five Minute Friday: Small

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The word this week is small.


I’m back on my awesome ship home in Africa. This year, we will serve the people of the Republic of Congo and surrounding regions. I’m so excited for the field service to begin. We’re unpacking the hospital, cleaning, and getting all set up so we can welcome our first patients on 2 September.

Last night at our community meeting, founder Don Stephens shared his heart for the coming year. He also shared his heart for the future of Mercy Ships. He told us about his idea of doing what we do some 35 years ago. He told us on 7 July 1978, he put down a deposit of $100,000 on the very first ship. And now on the exact same day 35 years later, a company has made a counter offer to build the next big ship! We may be small, but our God is BIG.

God is up to something really really amazing! This is going to be the best year yet! Can you feel it? The most beautiful thing about it is in the great words of Mother Teresa:

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Wise words from a very tiny woman who changed the world for so many people. Don Stephens actually had the privilege of meeting Mother Teresa. She was an inspiration to him to take his small, crazy idea and run with it. And boy did he ever!


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Small

  1. Visiting from FMF today, I love this post. I always wished I could do the Mercy Ship, being a pediatric nurse, but that was not in His plan for me. Praising that you are there and will do those small things with great love!

  2. Dear Micey
    And when I look at your small frame, it gives new meaning to the saying that dynamite comes in small packages! Thanks for being such an explosion of love in the lives of those you serve.
    Blessings XX

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