Five Minute Friday: Story

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The word this week is story.


I love the Bible. I believe it is the greatest story ever told. I love the different styles of writing. I love the drama, the suspense, the action, the lessons, the poetry, the parables. I love that it is the voice of God speaking to me. I love that my story fits into His story.

I sit and imagine God at His typewriter, writing each page of my life, knowing He knows exactly what happens next. I love that He knows how my story will progress, how it will end. When life seems out of control, I find comfort knowing God knows what happens on the next page of my story.

I can only imagine what the next year in Congo is going to look like. But God knows it altogether. He’s already chosen the characters I’ll meet. He knows each person by name. He knows exactly how I’m going to become a part of each individual’s story and how each one will become a part of mine. And none of it will be a coincidence or an accident.

God’s story has purpose. It has meaning. And if we will just open our eyes and see, we will be utterly amazed.


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Story

  1. I like this line from your post:
    “I love that my story fits into His story.”

    When we release our story to Him, it is so comfortable and exciting.

    Thanks for writing today,

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