revisiting Yaya

The ship is reaching Guinea today so here’s a great success story from our outreach to Guinea:

Yaya was born with a condition that made his bones to be very brittle. When he learned to walk, the pressure on the bones in his legs caused multiple fractures. As a result, Yaya’s legs healed twisted. By eighteen months of age, he was unable to walk at all.

After Yaya’s surgery onboard the Africa Mercy last year, he required extensive rehabilitation and recovery time to learn to walk again. As one of our longest-staying patients in the hospital, Yaya became part of our family.

Yaya is a sharp one – he never forgets a name and after just a few weeks in the hospital he knew enough English to join in (or eavesdrop on…) our conversations. He became a competitive checkers player that could chase us down on his tricycle in the hallway – in spite of the fact that he had to peddle with his hands while steering with his shoulders because his legs were in casts. As it was best described by one crew-member, “it’s like the Yaya Show around here.”

After 10 months, Yaya made a remarkable recovery and came to say goodbye on the dock in Conakry before the Africa Mercy departed Guinea. Crew-members gathered on the dock to recreate a photo taken the day Yaya came to screening to see if Mercy Ships could help. This time he was standing. From Mercy Ships


This little kid inspired us to great depths of love we may have never known without him. 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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