five minute friday: broken

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I haven’t linked up for several weeks, but this topic caught my eye. The word this week is broken.


I got home from Spain 2 days ago. Today my heart is broken because I realize I’m so different from my family now. The people I love most in the world seem to be drifting further and further away from me and it feels like all I can do is sit by and watch, helpless to change any of it.

I ask God why? Why would You open my eyes, but not open theirs? What trick is this that I get to see and know Your goodness, but they don’t? Why should one be jealous and angry because another found true peace and forgiveness? Or another cut down and mock the truth that I try to speak? I don’t understand? I love them and only want them to have what I have.

I just don’t know how to live through this?


I confess this took more than five minutes because I couldn’t stop crying. Please pray for God to open the eyes of my family.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


13 thoughts on “five minute friday: broken

  1. Dear Micey
    This, dear friend, is a sorrow we all experience to some degree here on earth! From now on I will keep them in my prayers when I pray for you. Just remember, dear sister, He loves them more than you do.
    Blessings XX

  2. Dropping in from the Facebook FMF link up :). Lifting you up in prayer. Keeping living your life of love and letter the Father fill your broken spaces and change you. HE knows what is best, and his time line is not ours.

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  4. Oh Michelle. This is hard. It’s bad enough to try to find your place there after being here, but that’s a whole different heartache. Praying for and with you, and also for them.

  5. My mother would often “Live and Let God and “Life is tough, pray harder. When that isn’t working pray harder still! I am in prayer with you for your family.

  6. I understand Micey. I really do. I come from a family that is Christian, and yet many of those members have chosen to walk away from the truth. It breaks my heart, and makes me mad at the same time…not a wonderful place to be. I will pray for your family and you tonight. I like the comments above.

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