documentary from a land down under

Remember the film crew that visited the ship last year to film the Aussies on Mercy Ships? They just published the following trailer for the documentary! I’m in the film! Haha! Two seconds of fame. Look for the OR nurse at 2:28-2:29. This just makes me chuckle. All kidding aside, this looks like it will be a very heartfelt documentary. 🙂

The Surgery Ship Trailer 2013 from Media Stockade on Vimeo.

Philippians 1:20


4 thoughts on “documentary from a land down under

  1. Dear Micey
    Famous at last!! I am concerned about you after the comment you left on my blog, dear friend! If you need to talk or need prayer, please just let me know.
    Much love XX

  2. Hi Mia! Thank you for your encouragement. I’m gonna be alright. I actually have some sweet friends here on the ship I can run to. They love me for me. I just need to be reminded of all the good things in my life and change my mind, take my thoughts captive. I trust God will lead me in the way everlasting! ❤

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the trailer, it is lovely to have more people know about the film and the work of the ship. You get a few more moments in the full documentary too! We will be sending copies to the ship and to Mercy Ships in Texas, so we will make sure you have a chance to see it. It will screen in Oz in 2013 and then on international channels 2014 onwards. You are continuing to do wonderful work – it’s a pleasure and honour to have watched some of it. We are updating news of the film on
    Take care, Madeleine

    • Oh hey Madeleine! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really happy to share your work. It was a lot of fun having you onboard with us. I can’t wait to see the full documentary. Thanks for taking the Mercy Ships story to your part of the world. 😀

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