receptionist’s log: final edition – the lessons

Poston, Arizona. Laura Mukogawa, Beauty shop r...

Poston, Arizona. Laura Mukogawa, Beauty shop receptionist – NARA – 536653 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I officially became a summertime receptionist on  the 4th of June. I want to thank God for bringing me through to the other side 8 weeks later. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a small list of lessons I learned from this summertime job:

  1. People have questions, a lot of questions
  2. People will ask questions I don’t have answers for
  3. I do not like not having answers
  4. This makes me very uncomfortable
  5. The Africa Mercy gets a lot of phone calls
  6. See number 3 above
  7. I am good with lists and printing forms
  8. I actually like monitoring the fire panel
  9. I particularly like talking to the duty officers via radio
  10. The last three things do not qualify me for the very important title of receptionist

This has been the most challenging job I’ve ever had. Being  receptionist on the Africa Mercy requires skills I just don’t have. A receptionist needs to be cheerful at all times. Cheerful is not an adjective I would ever use to describe myself. I believe the gift of hospitality is also a strong character trait of a receptionist. Again, a big fat zero for me.

But through this job, God has been faithful to show me I also have an issue with repressing my feelings. He’s showing me I seriously need to work on and overcome this issue if I want to do more than survive here. So even though it’s been a long, challenging summer, I have no doubt it’s been the summer I was meant to have. God does not make mistakes!

Thanks for coming along for the receptionist’s log ride!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20