receptionist’s log: sailing edition


Tenerife (Photo credit: rwx)

I’ve officially begun my last weekend in reception. And oh goody, I get the shift for the sail from Gran Canaria to Tenerife. I must confess I am a bit afraid because last year, sailing from Gran Canaria to Tenerife was awful. I mean the people who normally don’t get seasick, got seasick, awful. So I took a Dramamine before bed last night to try to thwart my nemesis.

We cast off this morning at about 9:30am. The ship is definitely rocking a lot more than it did on the sail up from Guinea. But, I will remain cautiously optimistic that what I’ve ingested will continue the normal digestive route to it’s final destination. TMI?

And now I give you, in no particular order, 10 things to be thankful for while sailing from Las Palmas to Tenerife on the Africa Mercy:

– seasick medication; it takes the edge off?
– the sail is only 4 hours long
– the nausea isn’t continuous, it comes in waves (pun intended)
– seasick medication helps me sleep
– the reception desk is super cold; it defintiely takes the edge off
– my hair looks super cute for sailing
– the bridge has the fire panel
– no embarkations or disembarkations
– all the dry toast and ginger cookies you could want
– we’re almost there

After having a flashback to the summer of 1994 when I thought it would be fun to take my boys on the ferry from Rehobeth Beach, DE to Cape May, NJ and back, the captain  came by  to say we pick up the pilot in about one hour. W00t!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20