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I often tell people I am weird. They always tell me No! You aren’t weird! But I am. I have the tattoo that says I am. Plus, nobody really knows me except for God. He’s probably sitting on His throne saying, It’s so true people! Michelle doesn’t even fully know the depths of her weirdness. What follows are my top ten peculiarities:

    10. I hate when people tell me they know me better than I know myself. Really?

    9. Touching dust or grime with my bare hands literally makes me want to scream and renders me paralyzed. It is my kryptonite.

    8. I’m a relentless picker. It makes healing wounds and tattoos very challenging.

    7. I can’t grow my nails longer than 2mm. Makes me crazy.

    6. I like to make up phrases to go with the letters on license plates. For example, I had a Florida plate with the letters JSM in it. So I turned it into Jesus Saved Michelle. I’ve also been searching for the perfect phrase to go with my initials, MA. I finally figured it out. If I add an O in front of MA, it makes me Old Michelle Anderson or OMA for short, which is also the German word for grandmother. I happen to be of German descent! Now I know what my grand kids can call me!

    5. I am not a people person, which is challenging for someone with so much to say. God has a great sense of humor for sticking me in a people oriented service industry, don’t you think?

    4. I think people should approach me as if I were a cat. I am friendly yet aloof.

    3. I feel more acutely alone in a room full of people than when I’m in my room alone.

    2. I am a living conundrum, doing my best to be invisible yet marking my skin so I will be seen?

    1. No matter how hard I try, I cannot hide my emotional state. If I look like that on the surface, it’s usually much worse or better than it appears.

Oh but Christ in me, the hope of glory!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


10 thoughts on “peculiar things

  1. Hi Michelle… I just stopped over here for the first time, and this is a great way to get to know you. I love #5 and #2. It’s always fun to think of the ways we’re crafted to be walking contradictions, like in my case how I love traveling and visiting new places, but I hate flying. I guess these are the ways God makes us more dependent on Him. Keep embracing that you-ness!

    • Hi Kim! Thank you for stopping by and leaving comment love. Words of affirmation, one of my love languages. I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. It’s funny, Micey, I’ve never met you in person, yet I feel like I know you. After reading this post, I feel I know you even better!

    I have a question about #7. Is it that you can’t grow your nails? Or that you can’t stand to grow them and so cut them before they get long? I really dislike long nails and keep my quite short. There have been several special occasions where I had fake nails put on (not too long) but still could not stand it and I ripped them off after.

    God bless you! =)

    • Hi Terrie. No it’s not that I can’t grow my nails. I can’t stand them after a they start getting long. I tried once. They’re just annoying. I feel like I lose my sense of touch. It’s weird.

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