receptionist’s log: 24 June 13

Finished my last night in a series of four. Thank you Jesus! I was so thankful for some much needed people activity during the night. Here’s a list of things to do on nightshirt:

  • watch the fire panel
  • chat with the Gurkhas
  • triage a crew member with right lower quadrant pain
  • page the duty nurse for further action as I must continue to watch the fire panel at all times
  • chat with the duty nurse after she was done seeing crew member
  • call duty nurse’s personal guest at 0330 for a wake up call to travel
  • disembark guest
  • discover guest’s passport is not in the safe
  • page the assistant purser at 0400 to retrieve passport
  • chat with assistant purser
  • hunt down a missing cell phone
  • eat toasted turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, and chocolate
  • make new arrival and departure lists for the day
  • How was your day?

    Love… Michelle
    Philippians 1:20