of light and no light

Oh shipyard. How you are an adventure. It seems that power may come and go regularly, along with hot water and air con (as my friend Penelope calls it :)).

This is day three for days off for me, a long ‘weekend’ if you will. I made rounds with Penelope to put up the new muster lists around the ship.

What are muster lists Michelle?

They are the lists of all the emergency teams, like fire teams, life boat teams, emergency medical teams, etc.

I had a great time traveling around the ship. I got to see places I haven’t seen before. I saw the emergency generator room, which btw worked great for the last 3 power failures. I also got to see the giant freezers on deck 2, affectionately called stores.

After dinner, I hitched a ride to Decathalon, the largest sporting good store ever. They had stuff I’ve never seen before in a sporting good store, like saddles and bridles, and ballet gear?! Weird.

Almost immediately upon our return, the power went off. Then it came back on. Then it went off again. Now it’s on. Hopefully it will stay on so I can watch a movie. We shall see.

So how was your day?

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This generator is our friend. We should probably name him.

One of 4! walk in freezers

This is what my room looks like when the power goes off!