proof of shipyard

The ship is noisy. Really noisy. We’re in “shipyard” mode.

What does that mean Michelle?

It means I get to awaken to the sound of birds chirping jackhammers jackhammering. You see, the hospital deck is getting an extreme makeover ‘ship edition.’

Once upon a time, the Africa Mercy was the Dronning Ingrid, train ferry. When they converted to hospital ship, they covered over the train tracks with concrete and placed a floor on top of that. Now, after 7 years of use, the tracks are starting to come up through the floor. Cumbersome. The jackhammers are to tear up the floor to repair the floor.

They’re also turning OR 1 into the PACU and PACU into a new ward. So the ship is very noisy all day long. Ooh! We’re also having a planned power outage on Saturday. Not really sure what they hope to accomplish in the dark? Stay tuned!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20