new Michelle’s Ikea adventure

Since we arrived in Gran Canaria, I’ve wanted to go to Ikea. Nobody onboard went to Ikea until last Saturday. Of course that was my first day of a five day stretch in reception. So I’ve been impatiently waiting to go all week. Today was finally my day to go! Nothing was going to stop me!

All week I did my research. I located the store in Telde. I got a bus schedule to find a route, which was also handy for fun touristy things too. But then I heard from one mercy shipper the bus doesn’t go to Ikea. No problemo! I found another mercy shipper going to another location further south and hitched a ride. I figured I could get a taxi to the closest bus stop after I was done shopping.

So off I went! Ikea, as usual, did not disappoint. They had exactly what I was looking for. What were you looking for Michelle? I’m so glad you asked. Shelf organizers and a shower curtain and 6 white clocks. What are you going to do with 6 white clocks? They aren’t for me, they’re for the OR.

After successful shopping, I stopped at McDonalds for a slightly less than nutritious cheeseburger and fries. I had to energize before figuring out how to get back to the ship. After lunch, I went back to Ikea and asked for a taxi in slightly less than conversational Spanish. No problemo!

I went to the taxi stand as the taxi pulled up. I got in, explained I speak a little Spanish, and asked for the nearest bus stop. As we drove out of the Ikea parking lot, a Global bus turned the corner to enter. What? The taxi driver then asked in better English than my Spanish, Excuse me, but why didn’t you just take the bus from here? Hahahahaha! Well, I didn’t know I could! Needless to say, I arrived back to the ship, safe and sound. 🙂

Moral of the story: ask for the bus! Happy Friday!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


Ooh! Organized! Ah!



6 thoughts on “new Michelle’s Ikea adventure

  1. Sounds like a grand adventure to me. We have an Ikea store in our area though it is a long ways from our house. We haven’t been there in several years. You made me want to go there again. LOL Glad you found just what you were looking for and got back to the ship in ship shape.

  2. Dear Micey
    I can just this taxi driver shaking his head thinking that this American lady is just as stupid as all the Americans they saw on television. Oh, my friend, you are precious!
    Much love

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