receptionist’s log: 5 June 2013

Today, I worked from 8-2pm. No fire alarms to report. I managed to hand out more than 200 new badges to the crew in my short time at the desk. One perk of sailing is being allowed to dress casually. I like dressing casually. The biggest challenge I faced today was trying to figure out mail merge in outlook. Reception is tricky for the computer illiterate.

We continue to sail north. Our last position has us off the coast of Western Sahara. I never even knew there was such a place until I checked to see where we are. The seas have been stupendously calm throughout the sail. Whoop! Whoop! God is good!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20




2 thoughts on “receptionist’s log: 5 June 2013

  1. Hi Michelle, This is Ben Tucker and Elizabeth Tucker’s mom from Virginia! I love to read your blogs….you are a great writer!! Ben will be back on the ship….I think he arrives there around July 1. You may be the one to give him his badge ha! Thanks for your blogs and I do pray for you! We love you and all of the MS crew!Make Ben behave while he is there this summer!! HE LOVES IT THERE!!! 🙂 Keep your eyes focused on serving the Lord…GREAT is your REWARD> Revelation2:10 Love a prayer warrior for the Mercy Ship, Robyn Tucker Gretna VA Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 15:27:15 +0000 To:

    • Hi Robyn! Thanks for writing! I did see Ben is coming back! We’re (his Gateway family) so excited for him to return! He’s the same age as my younger son. I feel like I have my own boys with me when I connect with the kids their ages. I will definitely keep my eye on him. But I’m sure you know what a mature young man you have in Ben. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks again for praying and for writing!

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