proof of reception

I started a new summertime job yesterday in reception. I’m actually quite pleased to be there. I get to learn new things and see a lot of people. Some of the duties include watching the fire panel, embarking/disembarking crew, counting the people onboard and ashore, laminating stuff, updating the rolling announcement board, monitoring the use of vehicles, and of course answering the phone promptly and courteously. Good times!

In honor of my new summertime job, I’ll be doing a series on this blog entitled “receptionist’s log.” It might be fun. It could be a total flop. Time will tell. 🙂

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20



5 thoughts on “proof of reception

  1. Hi Michele
    Oh, this sounds like a busy job!! I just know that I take my hat off for girls that need to be secretary/receptionist/etc./etc./….! Looking forward to the new blog.

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