solid stowing

Solid stowing is basically filling a room with as much stuff as humanly possible and tying it all down so it doesn’t move when your ship rocks from port to starboard at 30-40 degrees. Phew. That was a long sentence. How do you like my mariner language skills? The OR is officially closed. We are packing up, battening the hatches, checking for stowaways. It’s challenging work. It’s like playing a three dimensional Tetris game. I do not have the gift of packing. I prefer to throw stuff away.

In other news, the hospital closes Friday. I have some prayer requests for those of you who are warriors. Please pray for the complete physical healing of Foulabailo, M’Mah, Mohamed, Moussa, and Mamadou. They’re all patients with wound healing issues. We’re praying they will be healed enough to be discharged home by Friday. We’re hoping they won’t need to be transferred to local hospitals. For all our plastics patients, pray they continue to have hope despite their long hospital stay. Pray they would be encouraged while they wait and God would do what we cannot, heal them fully. Thanks friends!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20








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  1. Some “out of Africa” advice for wound healing…Vic had severe wound healing problems. Combined with open wounds, poor tissue and sepsis is really presented a problem. Clean honey directly onto the wound did what all the expensive dressings and ointments could not… In Africa honey is affordable.

    • I’ve seen honey work too! I’m not sure if it part of woundcare on the ship? Might be something to investigate. You know all the western treatments are pharmaceutical. But God gave us so many natural remedies. We are too new school I’m afraid.

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