how much does God love Junior Mohamed?

Junior Mohamed came from Sierra Leone. His pediatrician brought him. He’s just 6 months old. He has a cleft lip and palate. When he was born, his mama got sick. The family blamed the baby. Surely the baby is cursed and made his mama sick. Her family tried to take him up country to kill him. Junior Mohamed’s papa intervened and rescued him. He lived at the pediatric hospital for a couple of months until he was placed in an orphanage. His father loves him very much, he just has no job. Now Junior Mohamed has a new smile. His pediatrician hopes his mama will love him. She thinks she does, but didn’t have a chance to save him herself because of her illness. God must have an amazing plan for this baby! I’m so blessed I got to be part of his life!

Love… Michelle
Philippians 1:20



3 thoughts on “how much does God love Junior Mohamed?

  1. Dear Micey
    This is so precious! I am sure our Pappa has a special plan for this little one. He surely is the God of the unwanted, the weak, the poor, the rejected, and so on, and so on!!! Oh, isn’t He the most wonderful Father ever. Praying for you and the crew, dear friend.

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