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This week the word is brave.


What is brave? One day, he woke up and felt a mass in his right cheek. He wondered what it could be. There was no doctor to visit. There was no dentist to visit. He shrugged his shoulders and carried on with life. He was a football player for his country. He was really good because he had been playing his whole life. Playing football is every boy’s dream in this nation. As time went by, the mass grew larger. Soon the mass began to distort his facial features until he was no longer comfortable in public. He gave up playing football for his nation, packed his things, and moved back to his boyhood home. His mama welcomed him with open arms. She was not going to let a tumor quench her love for her son. Days passed. Life became more a struggle to survive. Soon he wasn’t able to eat anymore. He could barely breathe. But each day he woke up, he got out of bed, got dressed, and plugged through the day. When he was almost to the end of his very short life, a ship came. He managed to get to the screening. The surgeon said, We can help you. Two months passed. The enormous tumor was excised. The man could live again. He left the city to return to his boyhood home, his mama at his side. He smiled and said thank you as the truck drove away.


Philippians 1:20





18 thoughts on “brave

  1. Dear Micey
    I am overjoyed that this man was helped! When I read your words about his mama, I realized that a mother’s love is perhaps the closest to our Pappa here on earth. By the way did this man come to the ship for the operation?

    • Hi Mia, he came to the ship last fall while I was onboard. I had the privilege of being one of his nurses. He is an incredible, strong, tough as nails man. And God received so much glory through this one story alone. And we have hundreds of other stories to glorify God!

  2. Wow, what a story! I have always admired the bravery of those forced to live with fewer options when I travel to poorer countries to serve as a medical missionary. I never quite know what to do with my awe. It is uncomfortable and challenges all our Western premises of what life is and what our rights are. I hope I can hold this truth in the balance when I make each and every decision about my financial blessing in the many days spent here at home, back among the entitled.

    • Thanks Genevieve! Being here really changes how one sees the world. This is one reason I believe the Lord called me to Africa. I just couldn’t bare the unfairness of it all. Why did I get to be born in the states and these were born into such abject poverty? They deserve good lives as much as anyone. So here I am! I am truly blessed to be here!

  3. A bravery many of us will never know. You, dear Micey, are a brave soul. I love your story and how you embrace the brave each day.

  4. For many, a single rose can represent a garden; for others, a single friend may be their world, but for every act of kindness, someone is saying ‘I care about you; you matter; I am thinking of you.’

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